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Jake and his father live in a female free-zone in a remote part of the Wairarapa, where he can surf and watch the whales feeding as they pass up and down the coast. It’s paradise — and that’s why international rock celebrity Milton Summer has built a private retreat next door.


Milton treasures his privacy as much as Jake loves being free to do what he pleases. So when Jake’s dad begins a relationship with a new partner, who moves in with her daughter at the same time as a local photographer starts stalking Milton, Jake’s peaceful life erupts in violence and deceit.


And when a whale and her calf get into trouble on the treacherous coast, the history of Whale Pot Bay seems tragically doomed to repeat itself, unless Jake, Milton and Stephanie can survive the deadly tide.

Whale Pot Bay second edition was released by Tōrea Press in June 2023. Some content was rewritten to be more suitable for youger readers of Junior Fiction in the 2020s.

Alvailable in paperback, ebook and audio version.

Published by Tōrea Press

ISBN: 978-1-86950-730-5

Published by Harper Collins Publishers

ISBN: 978-0-99514-511-5


Audio version available at:                         click to access. 








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