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Sometimes friendship and loyalty can be dangerous things — especially when fireworks are involved.


Inseparable Aussie friends dare-devil Dean and tag-along Pelly often get up to no good. That’s what makes them the Steel Pelicans. But as Dean’s homemade fireworks get increasingly dangerous, things start going wrong. Pelly’s parents find out and hasten a move back to New Zealand.


After living most of his life in Australia, Pelly feels like he’s been dumped in a foreign land with no friends and a school that doesn’t care.


Life begins to get better when he joins up with Afi Moore and is invited to stay the weekend at the Moore’s seaside bach. Then the pair stumble on a smuggling operation and find themselves deep in trouble. Their only way out is to collect evidence to bust the operation. Unfortunately, that’s when Dean comes over from Australia for the school holidays. Pelly might have changed, but Dean most certainly hasn’t. In no time at all, Dean’s explosive obsession threatens not only the investigation but also their lives.


Available as paperback and ebook.


Published by Harper Collins Publishers

ISBN 978-1-86950-953-8



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