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Twelve-year-old Tony desperately wants to belong somewhere. After all, he’s spent his entire life travelling around the country with his mum, who can’t seem to settle anywhere.


When they arrive in Charleston, a gold-mining ghost town 30km south of Westport, he’s almost afraid to hope that this might finally be the place. He doesn’t want to be disappointed again. Everything seems perfect, apart from the annoying Rose, who can’t stop talking. There’s a wild coast and abandoned mines to explore, new people to get to know — and something strange that happens on his very first night, when he sleeps out in an ancient caravan which is to be his home.


There are dark secrets beneath the surface of the quiet little town, and Tony is about to come face to face with an intriguing mystery of his own ...

Available as paperback and ebook.


Published by Harper Collins Publishers

ISBN 978-1-86950-595-5


Finalist in 2007 New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards. Storylines Notable Book 2007.

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