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Geology expert Professor Mike Rackman is studying the Alpine Fault, a 600 km long crack that runs the length of New Zealand’s South Island. Every 300 years or so, the fault cracks causing massive earthquakes. Mike hopes his studies will help predict the next big one. Unfortunately, after being shot by a local hunter, the professor disappears.

Twelve-year-old Jack Stewart and his cat, Chainsaw, have had earlier adventures with the professor when they travelled back in time to the Taupō Eruption. Jack thinks that the professor has once again jumped through time and is trapped somewhere in the past. He and Chainsaw set out to save him.

They end up in the year 1409, just hours before the fault is about to crack. Not only must Jack save the injured professor, he must also convince the local whanau of the coming disaster. The problem is, if he succeeds then the only way he and his friends can return to the 21st century will be blocked for the next 300 years.


Eagle Swamp  is the second book involving Jack Stewart, Professor Rackman and Chainsaw. The previous story, Crown Park, featured the Taupō eruption. While Eagle Swamp mentions the earlier adventure it can be read independently.



Available as paperback.


Published by Tōrea Press 2021

ISBN: 978-0-9951451-0-8



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