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When Private Henry Hunt rescued the shaken little dog amidst a
hail of bullets, he had little idea he’d soon be facing a disciplinary

“I’ve asked a lot of people about the status of pets in
the army,” said the Major. “It seems they’re more common than
I thought […] Mostly dogs, but some cats, a donkey, a goat, even
kangaroos. […] I might, repeat might, support a dog.”

To Henry’s relief, the little foxie was allowed to live – this time.


Four Christmases had passed since the world went to war
in 1914. Struggling to survive in the trenches, close to enemy
lines, amid the terror of gunfire and the whine of warplanes,
Kiwi soldier Henry Hunt finds the dog is not only a comfort to
his fellow soldiers on the battlefields of Passchendaele, but a
corker ratter, too. Together, could they survive the Great War?

Storylines Notable Book 2019

Available as paperback.


Published by Scholastic NZ


ISBN: 978-1-77543-282-1



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