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When Tyler Matthews wins a national ecological competition for a week-long Nature South Eco Tour, he has no idea how much his life will change.


After he travels to the bottom of the South Island to join the tour, he meets two other winners — Hine and the maddening Mandy — and soon finds himself caught in a maze of intrigue and adventure. Someone is rustling cattle, and when Tyler finds the mummified remains of a moa hunter in a secret cave he also finds an ancient mystery. Who was the dead boy and how did he die — and what is the significance of his stone/fossil pendant?


In a fast-paced and exciting story Tyler, Hine and Mandy must put aside their differences to solve the mystery of the disappearing dolphins — and stay alive when a game of dare goes dangerously wrong!


Available as paperback and ebook.


Published by Harper Collins Publishers

ISBN 978-1-86950-527-1


Storylines Notable Book 2006.

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