Search for a Kiwi Killer has been listed as a finalist in the 2019 NZ Children's and Young Adult Book Awards. The winners will be announced at a ceremony in the atmospheric Te Marae at Te Papa in Wellington on the evening of Wednesday 7 August.

In April 2019 Scholastic released my latest book, To Trap a Thief.


I have recently completed a Canterbury story involving two young characters who are still haunted by experiences in the earthquakes when they were preschoolers. I'm hopeful this will be released by Scholastic in 2020.

I have also finished the first draft of a second book using the main characters from Crown Park which featured the Taupo eruption of 186AD. This new story - currently titled Gaunt Creek - covers the 15th century rupture of the Alpine Fault. It will be published by Torea Press in 2020.

My current writing is a South Taranaki story highlighting the conflict between dairy farming for profit and care for the environment.



Stegasaur Rock - a stunning geological structure that features in To Trap a Thief