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Noah Larsen’s family has just moved to Stewart Island when he sees a spectacular parrot flying over the bush, a South American macaw, a bird that should never be in the New Zealand forest. Soon afterwards he finds sick and dying native parrots, particularly kaka. He and local girl, Hailey, link the events to an American lone-sailor whose yacht is anchored in a nearby bay. But without evidence nobody believes them.


Enter Sirocco, the rock-star kakapo. He’s returning to the island of his ancestors for the coming tourist season. Everybody is thrilled about it, except for Noah and Hailey, who fear the special parrot will die, just like the kaka.


As increasingly more birds die, Hailey and Noah must battle against both time and weather to capture the macaw. All the while knowing that if they fail, they will have aided the extinction of one of the world’s truly special creatures.


Available as paperback and ebook.


Published by Torea Press


ISBN: 978-0-9941226-2-9



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