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Whale Pot Bay

B-format paperback

208 pages

RRP $22.00


Whale Pot Bay

SKU: 978-0-9951451-1-5
  • Jake and his Dad live in a remote part of the Wairarapa, where they can surf, hunt, fish, and watch the whales as they pass up and down the coast. For Jake it’s a paradise that he hopes will never change. Milton Summer is an international rock star who has built a private retreat overlooking Whale Pot Bay.

    Jake’s life takes a dive when his dad begins a relationship with a new partner who moves in with her daughter, Stephanie. For Milton, trouble comes in the form of a local photographer who starts stalking the star seeking sensational images worth a fortune.

    Then a whale and her calf get into trouble on the dangerous coast and it appears the history of whale slaughter in the bay is doomed to repeat itself. If Jake, Milton and Stephanie are to overcome these deadly waves of destructive forces then they must work as a team, always aware that failure could mean more than just the whales dying.


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